We are Experience Designers based in Chicago. We create games, websites and interactive experiences.

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Services We Provide

Some of the services I provide grouped into major categories. If you don’t see anything specific, please feel free to ask!

Experience Design

Designing solutions based on a deep understanding of the user’s emotional satisfaction and their level of engagement.

Games and Demos

Developing traditional 2D and 3D games and creating interactive experiences using artificial intelligence sensors and virtual reality.

App Development

Developing custom mobile applications that can be deployed to both Google Android and Apple iOS, powered by a back-end server.

Web Development

Designing and developing traditional websites and highly customizable solutions for specific business needs and services.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining and updating websites to provide clients with peace of mind so they can focus more on running their business.

WordPress Development

Designing and developing custom WordPress themes that are customizable and user-friendly as well as custom plugins.

Behind every big awesome project is a small amazing team. When we take on projects that require more talented resources, we have a small team of creative individuals ready to go.

Most Recent Case Studies

Some of the most recent case studies for work and projects I’ve done for myself, clients, and other agencies.

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Check out the rest of my case studies to see more of what I’ve been working on.

Some Amazing Clients and Agencies

These are just a small handful of some of the awesome clients and agencies I’ve worked with and done work for.

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