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Building an ongoing Web Maintenance, Support, and Development Relationship

 Assisting the business’s website and digital needs.

The Challenge

Provide ongoing maintenance, support, and development for a growing business.

The Outcome

A relationship through which the company understands the business’s needs and goals while providing ongoing maintenance, support, and development.

Vanessa Marin Sex Therapy came to us back in late 2015, looking for a team to help make quick fixes and adjustments to their website on an ongoing basis. As the years went by, their business continues to grow and slowly expand. The business had outgrown its previous website and went through the transition to a new brand and site developed. Publishing more content daily, they’ve outgrown their original development needs.

With the website getting thousands of views weekly, TVLE DESIGN assists Vanessa and her team with ongoing maintenance, ensuring the site’s stability providing their users with the best experience possible while keeping the site backed up and up-to-date. In addition to continuous maintenance, TVLE DESIGN also offers technical support, answering any questions the team over at Vanessa Marin Sex Therapy may have and development services for custom projects.

Screenshot of Vanessa Marin website homepage

Screenshot of the new website designed by Fuze Branding. Built and developed as a collaboration through Fuze Branding and TVLE DESIGN.

Vanessa and Xander

Working with Tony and his team over the years has been great for our business. As our business has grown and our needs have increased, they have seamlessly scaled their support for us. What started out initially as basic site/domain maintenance has increased to a wide range of projects including optimizing our site speed as traffic grows, developing pages and WordPress templates to meet our constantly changing offerings, and building custom plug-ins to meet our every need.

With all of this change and growth, having continuity with our TVLE DESIGN has made the process incredibly smooth. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough for any type of WordPress development project!

Vanessa Marin is a licensed psychotherapist and writer specializing in sex therapy who’ve been helping people since 2002.


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