Supporting Agricultural Practitioners

Designing a system that provides real-time feedback for agricultural practitioners.

The Challenge

Create a system that provides resources to agricultural practitioners part of the local food system.

The Outcome

A custom web application where guests can register or proceed anonymously and fill out a questionnaire that will return resources based on their choices.

Screenshot of AUA's web app questions page

AUA sought help designing a solution that would allow agricultural practitioners, both old and new, a way to gain insights into resources based on what they were doing and needed. They wanted these resources to be specific to the practitioners based on their current situation. To accomplish this, we’ve worked with the organization to create a set of questionnaires. Each set of questionnaires were tied to a specific type of operation that the practitioner could choose from.

Screenshot of AUA's web app recommendations page

Once the questionnaires were completed, we built a custom web application where staff can enter the questions, resources, and recommendations into the system. As practitioners filled out sections of the questionnaire online, they were givens resources in real-time. Optionally, if they registered an account during the process, they could save their resources and come back and view them later.

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About Our Client

AUA is a coalition of urban farms, community and school gardens, individuals, and businesses working to support and expand sustainable agriculture in the Chicago region. Formed in 2002, AUA’s community includes more than 2,300 members throughout the Chicago area and beyond.