A Daily Dose of Inspiration

Creating an inspirational platform for a keynote speaker.

The Challenge

Design and create an experience that allows the client to extend and expand their book of inspirational quotes that will enable them to connect with their audience.

The Outcome

A mobile app that allows the client to post up daily inspiration in the form of text, video, or audio to engage with the audience even after events.

Screenshot of Hollyisms' app

Holly Dowling approached us seeking advice on connecting more with her audience even after her keynotes are over. Usually, the first direction she points them in is her book, Hollyisms: Let Your Light Shine!, but her audience always comes back wanting more. 

We came up with the idea of transforming the foundation of her book into a mobile app. The app’s goal was to allow Holly to post up new inspirations as often as she wants in the form of text, video, or audio clips. This allowed for new content to be created regularly, but it also gave her the flexibility to post different types of content for engagement. On top of these inspirations, an in-app forum was also integrated, allowing her audience to connect and ask Holly new questions and inspire each other.

Post of Hollyisms teaser on Twitter
In addition to a new mobile app, we’ve also worked with Holly’s team to strategize teasing snippets of content from the app to social media to drive more traffic and engagement.

You can learn more about the app by visiting hollyism.com.

Holly Dowling logo

About Our Client

Holly Dowling is a dynamic, global keynote speaker and master facilitator with a disarmingly joyful and indomitable spirit. She is an expert in strengths-based leadership, change management, and corporate women’s empowerment.