Bringing Power Back To The Players

Designing a solution that provides club members with all the tools they need.

The Challenge

Create a centralized place that allowed members to book courts and stay updated with community news and events that tie into the club’s current user management software.

The Outcome

A WordPress web app where users can manage their profile and use club resources and tools to stay updated and book courts.

Screenshot of Kooroora Tennis Club's homepage

Kooroora Tennis Club first approached us with the challenge of streamlining their website with their user management software, inTennis. Until that point, the club has had its booking page located in an entirely different location, taking users away from their website. The goal was to bring all of this back to the main website while ensuring we could stay integrated with their software and provide new ways for their club members to engage and make it easier for new ones to join.

Working closely with the creators of inTennis, SportLogic, we’ve laid out and developed a series of webhooks and API integrations that would allow the website to communicate with their software tying in core functionality that would automate many of the processes the clubs were doing manually.

We’ve leveraged WordPress as the primary CMS, allowing the client to update the site in a familiar interface and built custom interfaces and plugins for the integrated features. Members were provided with an account to update their profile, book courts, and even enter competition events that sync back to the management software. New members could join and get processed through the system in a much more automated manner freeing up more of the staff’s time.

Kooroora Tennis Club logo

About Our Client

Kooroora is a volunteer-run members club located in the northern part of Sydney. Their members enjoy competitive and social play, and they are active in supporting our members in NSTA competitions, Sydney Badge, social play, and tournaments.