Creating a Future for Children’s Clothing

Developing a custom Shopify theme and launching an e-commerce store.

The Challenge

Recommend an e-commerce platform, provide guidance and training, and develop a custom theme.

The Outcome

An e-commerce website powered by Shopify that matches the brand and design.

Screenshot of Smaller Things' website

Smaller Things was looking for a development team to help bring their creative designs to life and help guide choosing the right e-commerce platform. Working alongside their team, we nailed down specific details on what key features the platform needed to provide and what would have offered the best experience for the customers and the staff managing the inventory.

We ultimately landed on Shopify, provided that it made managing inventory easy for their team, and the managed shipping options and rates simplified the process saving their staff time. From that point, we’ve worked closely with their designer, ensuring the theme that was being developed matched both their brand and design while keeping it mobile optimized. We’ve also worked with their designer to put together an interactive landing page used for the advertisement of the site before the launch.

GIF of Smaller Things' prelaunch page

Tony and the team continuously deliver the solutions we needed for our business. They were able to execute our beautiful and interactive website within our budget and timeline. Having a deep knowledge of Shopify, they helped onboard our team and show us inside our virtual store. They did a phenomenal job in breaking down technical steps such that our non-technical team can easily operate and manage the site. They produced comprehensive instructional videos and answered all our questions. Moreover, I’ve leaned on their expertise to help advise our digital needs outside of just our site. It’s a breath of fresh air to have a partner that can advise in and around services for eCom and digital marketing.

– Jon Zasiebida

Smaller Things

About Our Client

Smaller Things are all about making a bigger impact through small things. Their clothing is based on a philosophy of organic certified cotton, recyclable fibers, and above all, ethical manufacturing. Their simplistic and minimalistic approach towards the pockets & time is an ideal go-to solution for many parenting problems.