Providing an Accessible Service with an Accessible Website

Designing a solution to streamline the process of registering for accessible transport.

The Challenge

Modernizing Stryder’s website and bringing it up to date with new relevant information while streamlining the registration and booking process.

The Outcome

A website that looks and feels up to date with a centralized booking system.

Screenshots of Stryder's website

Stryder needed a web redesign that brings their current site up to date, centralizing their booking process and providing their customers with relevant information. More than hundreds of people use their site weekly to book or register for transportation services. Stryder wanted to create a way to make this process simple.

The objective was to design something that would bring the site up to the current age and simplify how their customers will navigate between pages, making it easy to book and schedule transportation services. At its core, Stryder’s primary goal is to ensure their customers could book and schedule services without any complications.

Stryder logo

About Our Client

Stryder provides accessible transport for people with special transport needs ranging from age, frailty, location, or disability. They value providing convenient, safe, and customized transport options for clients who face challenges of mobility. Stress-free and comfortable A-class customer service is their mantra.