Streamlining the Management of Virtual Assistants

Designing a solution to centralize how virtual assistants are managed.

The Challenge

Creating a system that is capable of managing virtual assistants. The solution needs to handle client relationships and allows for virtual assistants to log their time and for staff to run reportings.

The Outcome

A website application where virtual assistants can see their clients, log their time, and update their profiles. Staff can manage virtual assistants, run reports, and match assistants to clients with specific skillsets.

Screenshots of VITAL's login screen

VEXA Services needed a custom solution that allowed them more flexibility between managing their virtual assistants (VAs) and clients. The solution needed to enable VAs to have the ability to create their profiles, enter skills and characteristics, and log their time under their assigned clients. Staff members also needed to have the ability to assign clients, run reportings, export timesheets, and match a VA with a new client.

Working with Stafford Technologies, TVLE Design LLC designed and developed a web application that allowed VEXA Services to grow and expand its needs through its online business. VITAL is now the company’s new internal platform that is used throughout its day-to-day business.

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About Our Client

Vexa Services specializes in finding the perfect Virtual Assistant for your business. Get more of what matters done by using virtual executive assistants to do the things you don’t have the time to do nor want to do.