Kooroora Tennis Club


Kooroora Tennis Club needed a website refresh that would help them keep their community members up-to-date on recent news and events as well as provide their members with the tools to better access club privilages. Together with Digital Lounge, I was responsible for leading the development of the website and the intregration with the club’s business software.

The Website

When it came to building the website, one of the most important things I had to keep in mind was to make it easy for the staff to make edits and add-on features and functionality down the road. So, instead of developing a custom solution, I decided to go with WordPress as their main CMS due to how easy it is to expand features by developing custom plugins and the ease of use editing content and building custom page with visual builders.

Custom Plugins

At the core of the website, the custom plugins are what truely powers the website and empowers the users. A suite of custom-developed plugins were design and built based on their functionality and they integrate with the club’s business software, inTennis by SportLogic.

When it came to developing the plugins, some of the initial problems I’ve faced was the integration with the inTennis system. While the club’s website was being built, the team over at SportLogic was also building out the Restful APIs for the website integration. A lot of back and forth communication was happening to set up standards and custom webhooks via the WordPress system to trigger certain events when specific conditions were met in the inTennis software.

In the end we created a robust system that communicated well with inTennis. User accounts and member profiles were able to be sync between WordPress and the software as well as court booking information.

Some of the additional plugins that were developed are:

Join Form

An online fillable form for new users who wish to join the club. This form submits to specific email addresses depending on which form is used and what certain field values are. The form is also sent over to inTennis for staff approval. Upon approval inTennis communicates with the website and creates an account for the new user with their member ID and registration information passed through.

Event Calendar

The event calendar is built using both a custom post type and advanced custom fields. The calendar is viewable publicly with events and their details. What makes this calendar a bit more unique is that users can be assigned to events as a part of their club duties and the system sends an email reminder a week before they are on duty.


Members List

The member list, is a list displaying all club members from inTennis and their contact information. Due to the amount of personal information shown on this plugin, a screenshot of this cannot be shown. This list is only available to active members of the club.

Members Court Booking

The member court booking plugin is the heart of the website. This plugin handles both court bookings and individual court’s schedules. The court booking plugin is integrated with inTennis and keeps track of all available bookings and booking details while leveraging inTennis to check if a user has the permissions to book a court or not.


Kooroora Tennis Club ended up with not only a website but a new platform that help keep their community informed and a great tool that integrates well with their business software cutting down the amount of time they’d spend going back and forth between the two. With the integration of the booking system, members are also able to easily book courts making the user experience a lot more engaging.