RallyUS needed a platform that solved common issues between field managers and canvassers on the field. The client required a more effective way of collecting and storing data to decrease the number of human errors to increase communication. I was responsible for leading the design and development of the website and mobile application.

Web Application

The web application needed both a clean and straightforward look for users to be able to view, add, and edit constituent data. When designing the interface, I kept it very minimal and showed only the options the users would need to see. Over time more features and functionality got added such as:

  • The ability to add notes to constituents
  • The ability to log issues and complaints made by the constituents
  • A bulletin board for field managers to share the news with their canvassers
  • Field logs with geolocation tags to see when and where a constituent entered or updated
  • Live statistic tracking to view the total number of constituents and the statuses
  • A project management tool for assigning daily duties
  • A template guideline to help canvassers communicate with constituents

Mobile Application

The mobile application is what the canvassers use when they are out on the field. The app contains the same functionality as the web app with some additional features. One of the most prominent features of the mobile app is live tracking. With the live tracker, field managers can see exactly where the canvassers are from the website, enabling them to support the canvassers with a birds-eye view of the neighborhood. Published on both the Apple iOS Store and Google Play, users can download and access the app as long as they have an account under their organization.


The website and mobile application had launched a successful field test with the first client being Chicago’s Alderman Ward 24, Michael Scott. When the client first came to us with a concept and sketches, there were still many gaps to fill in. What ended up being produced evolved into a unique platform that is still being field-tested and developed today.